‘Hitler’ formula for ‘Vishwambhara’

Megastar Chiranjeevi took the audience to the fantasy world with the films ‘Jagadekaveerudu Athilokasundari, Anji’. Again, almost two decades later, with ‘Vishwambhara’, he is ready to reprise his role in such a genre. The shooting of this movie, which is being made under the direction of Vashishta, has already started. Although he did not participate in the first schedule.. After that Chiranjeevi also entered the sets. Chennai beauty Trisha has been chosen as the heroine.

Since it is a story related to socio fantasy, the campaign that there will be five heroines in this film has been going strong. However.. the news circulating in the film circles is that Chiranjeevi’s sisters are not the heroines in this film. Chiranjeevi will be seen in the role of Bhimavaram Dorababu in this movie. Chiranjeevi’s character has different shades. Being funny is also very responsible.In a way, director Vashishta is following Chiru’s ‘Hitler’ formula for ‘Vishwambhara’.

Chiranjeevi has five younger sisters in the film ‘Hitler’. A megastar who is at his peak as a mass hero.. Not to mention the sister sentiment cultivated in this movie. Now in ‘Vishwambhara’ such sister sentiment will be highlighted. It seems that Surabhi and Aashika Ranganath are going to play the roles of Chiranjeevi’s sisters in this film. Surabhi has already entered the sets of ‘Vishwambhara’.Soon.. there is a possibility of knowing which actresses will play the roles of Chiranjeevi’s sisters in ‘Vishwambhara’.

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