Rajamouli putting conditions to Mahesh

The film industry is said to be a hero dominated industry. Everything was ruled by the hero. Anyone here is more popular here after hero only. But.. in the case of some directors, the hero is secondary. Among them, director Rajamouli stands in the forefront. Starting from the story of his film.. he rules everything by himself. Rajamouli said the same for the upcoming film with Mahesh Babu. Rajamouli gave some strict rules to Mahesh for this movie.

Rajamouli is going to direct a global adventure drama with Mahesh Babu. Currently, the pre-production work of this film is going on. There is already a clarity on the technical team related to this movie. While his regular technicians Vijayendra Prasad and Keeravani are also working for this film, Jakkanna is going to give a gap to cinematographer Senthil, art director Sabu Cyril and VFX supervisor Srinivas Mohan, who have been working with him for many years.A new technical team is coming in for this film. Also.. the selection of actors is going on in full swing.

Rajamouli is very careful about the look of hero Mahesh Babu in this movie. Bringing special trainers from Hollywood. That’s why Rajamouli has asked Mahesh not to attend any public events for a few months. The reason is that Mahesh wants to keep his look a secret. Mahesh, who is going to enter the pan world with Rajamouli’s film. He is trying to follow without fail.

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