Lokesh Kanakaraj’s Back To Back Sequels.

Our makers are using the craze of hit movies at a super level. If a movie is a hit, then sequels are being made in relation to that movie. Also.. the trend of telling the same story in two or three parts has also increased recently. Some directors are going one step ahead and creating a universe with many superhero characters like the Hollywood Marvel Cinematic Universe. Lokesh Kanakaraj tops this list.

Lokesh Kanakaraj, who directed the movie ‘Khaidi’ with Karthi, made the movie ‘Vikram’ with Kamal Haasan as a continuation. Now ‘Leo’ is coming in this same cinematic universe. After that, Rajinikanth’s 171st movie, ‘Vikram 2′ with Kamal Hassan , ‘Khaidi 2’ with Karthi and ‘Rolex’ with Surya are lined up. In this cinematic universe, another hero will be seen in guest roles in the film starring one hero. On the other hand, Lokesh Kanakaraj’s ‘Leo’ with Vijay is scheduled to release on October 19.

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