Natyabhinetri Sobhana Biography

People who jumped from dancing to acting can be identified very easily. Their performance is a bit elaborate. That uniqueness can be seen in expressing feelings on the face. This uniqueness can be clearly seen in Sobhana’s performance. Sobhana Chandrakumar Pillai, who acted with all the heroes in Telugu and won the love of Telugu people, was born on March 21, 1970 in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

Shobhana is the niece of Lalitha, Padmini and Ragini who are popular as Traven core sisters. It was in their legacy that she stepped into dance and later into acting. The movie ‘Vikram’ brought recognition to Sobhana in Telugu. Before that she acted in one or two films. However, being Nagarjuna’s entry movie, ‘Vikram’ got a bit special. Sobhana’s acting and dancing also got an excellent response.

Shobhana didn’t do heroine roles just for the sake of glamour. She is also a performer. The same has been proven in many cases. In that order, she gave priority to films that reveal her inner performer in front of the audience. ‘Abhinandana’ is one of the films . In it, she acted brilliantly as a young woman who has a mental conflict between love and responsibility.

Shobhana’s performance as a Dalit girl in Chiranjeevi’s first self-produced film ‘Rudraveena’ is impressive. She acted soberly as a self-righteous girl. Especially when Gemini Ganesha says you are untouchable…the emotions shown in Shobhana’s eyes are unforgettable. It leaves its mark in the sense of holding and touching the immortal.

Sobhana is an actress who is extremely aware that glamor is not obscenity. She entertains the audience as long as she appears on screen. In ‘Rudraveena’ itself, Lalitha Priya Kamalam dance performance in song was loved by the audience. It is precisely in such areas that the audience remembers Sobhana.

After ‘Rudraveena’ with Megastar Chiranjeevi, Shobhana did another film. The movie ‘Rowdy Alludu’ was a huge commercial success. The duet of Chiluka Kshemama is still visible in it. The duets between the hero-heroines who know how to dance will add some specialness.

Shobhana has done four films with collection king Mohan Babu. The first film that came out in the combination of both of them was ‘Alludugaru’. In this movie directed by Raghavendra Rao, Sobhana will be seen in a role that begins with mischief…responsibility. Not insulting Mohan Babu…Shobhana looks very active in the intense fight scenes.

Shobhana trained at Chidambaram Natya Academy in Chennai. Her teacher’s name is Chitra Visveswaran. Sobhana takes special care in performing a very important role in Bharatanatyam dance. That’s why… created history as a dancer. Any feeling could be expressed on the screen in a pinch. Mani Ratnam acted in ‘Dalapathi’ in combination with Rajinikanth. Sobhana entertains with gentle gestures in the song Sundari Neeve Nenanta.

Shobhana rose to the top among all the classical dancers who came in the 80’s. Shobhana, who has dedicated her life to dance, has received the best actress award twice at the national level. An organization called Kalarpana has been started and is training many people in dance. A special grace can be seen in the commercial dance with Balakrishna in ‘Naari Naari Naduma Murari’.

For the Malayalam movie ‘Manichitrathalu’ released in 1994, she was awarded the National Best Actress Award by the Government of India for the first time. Later in the year 2001, she won the National Best Actress Award for the second time for the English film ‘Mitr My Friend’ directed by Revathi, a popular South actress. After that slowly she started giving her first priority to dance from the film industry.

Director EVV Satyanarayana has done a wonderful comedy with Sobhana. Shobhan’s ‘Appula Apparao’ in Rajendra Prasad’s combination is unique as far as Tollywood is concerned. Classical dancer Shobhana played the role of a police officer in EVV’s direction.

Sobhana is an actress who has proved that comedy can be done while being serious. Sobhana’s role is the same in the super hit entertainer ‘April Okati Vidudhala’ which came in director Vamsi and Rajendra Prasad’s combination. It is a character that threatens the hero with only one desire. Sobhana’s gestures work very well in the scene where she makes a condition for her marriage with Rajendra Prasad.

Nagarjuna’s debut film ‘Rakshana’ with Sobhana as the heroine took a long gap. Sobhana is an actress who hopes to have something special in her role even though she is playing a heroine. According to the fans, She was not able to do more films in an effort to chase for characters that have a chance to show his own spark.

After a long gap in Telugu, she acted in the movie ‘Game’ with Mohan Babu in 2006. And in Malayalam, she made her debut in the movie ‘Varane Avasyamundu’ with Suresh Gopi. Shobana, who prefers dance, will do it if she finds a role that she likes.

Shobhana was one of the most talented artists in India in the 1980s. Sobhana is a person who excelled not only in beauty but also in acting. Many artistes of today’s generation are taking training in acting and dancing from her. In 1994, Sobhana started an organization called Kalarpana. The main objective of this institution is to provide training in Bharatanatyam and organize dance festivals all over India.Shobana is not married. She dedicated her life to dance. However.. in 2011, adopted a baby named Anantha Narayani Chandrakumar.

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