Mega Prince campaign in Pithapuram

Mega commotion continues in Pithapuram constituency where Pawan Kalyan is contesting. All mega team is buzzing in Pithapuram to win Pawan Kalyan as MLA. Jabardast team Hyper Adi, Getup Srinu and Ram Prasad are already campaigning there in a range. On the occasion of Pawan Kalyan’s nomination, people like SKN and Sairajesh were also seen in Pithapuram. Also.. Johnny Master and ‘Gabbar Singh’ gang are also making noise in Pithapuram by campaigning on behalf of Pawan.

Latest Mega Prince Varun Tej left for Pithapuram. Varun Tej is going to participate in the election campaign on behalf of Pawan Kalyan in Pithapuram today (April 27). And.. we have to see how many other mega heroes will make noise in Pithapuram in the footsteps of Varun.

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