Mega Speech About Middle Class Mentality

Megastar Chiranjeevi and rowdy star Vijay Devarakonda made noise in the ‘Origin Day’ celebration organized by Telugu Digital Media Federation. On this occasion, Vijay Devarakonda acted as the host and asked Chiranjeevi many interesting questions. In this context, some of the things that the megastar said about the middle class mentality are now trending on social media.

Chiranjeevi said on this occasion, ‘Everybody leaves the lights on in their house… and they leave the geyser on… Charan left five lights on while going to Bangkok. Chiranjeevi said that he stopped them through the phone app.When the shampoo bottle is finished, I pour water in it and mix it and use it for head bath and then I throw it out.On this occasion, Chiru informed about his middle class mentality by saying that ‘I compress all the used soaps together and make it like new soap.

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