National Awards: So many controversies and debates

The 69th National Awards, which were announced a couple of days ago, have sparked a lot of controversies and debates all over the country, with people having their own opinions to voice out. Allu Arjun’s Best Actor win is probably the most divisive, with many saying that there have been performances better than his, making his win very surprising. There are some that are bringing Natural Star Nani into the picture, saying that his performance in Jersey was more worthy of winning a National Award than that of Allu Arjun’s.

On the other hand, the complete omission of Jai Bhim by the jury has also come as a surprise, with people wondering why the film didn’t win even a single award. Then of course, there’s the fact that no performances in RRR have been awarded, which is for the best, to a certain extent, given that it would have created a fan war between Ram Charan and NTR’s fans.

There is also a debate going on about the position of Sukumar and Rajamouli in the industry, following the win for Allu Arjun, with many, particularly Allu Arjun’s fans, arguing that Sukumar is now on par with Rajamouli. Of course, this is a biased statement because it is Allu Arjun who won the award and not Pushpa on the whole, and when compared to the achievements that Rajamouli has under his name, Sukumar is just a novice, which further proves that there’s no substance to this debate.

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