Ranveer’s Deep Fake Video Viral.. Filed A Police Complaint

Bollywood star Ranveer Singh tweeted saying ‘Friends, beware of deep fakes’. In recent times, deep fake videos are bringing new headaches to celebrities. Some mobsters are manipulating celebrities’ videos with artificial intelligence and now all are getting aware of the scandal created by the deep fake video related to Rashmika.

Ranveer Singh’s latest deep fake video has become a hot topic in political circles as well. The reason for that is the deep fake video circulating of Ranveer Singh insulting our Prime Minister Modi. Ranveer’s voice is done by A.I. Changed to.. The miscreants have released a video of cursing the Prime Minister. It went to Ranveer Singh. With this, he gave clarity on this video on social media platform. Moreover.. He warned everyone to be very careful with such videos.A police complaint has also been filed against those who created this video while working.

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