Can’t The Media Find Better Photos Than These..Mansoor Ali Khan

Actor Mansoor Ali Khan’s comments on heroine Trisha are creating a big sensation in the media. In this background, Trisha is getting support from movie stars. Already, Nithin, Megastar Chiranjeevi and many other Kollywood celebrities have responded through social media. However, it is surprising that Mansoor Ali Khan once again made comments on Trisha.

Trisha denied my comments. Along with that statement, the media printed the photos of both of us. In these, Trisha looks like a bride and I look like a groom. can’t find better photos than this..? Mansoor Ali once again spoke controversially. On this occasion, the Nadigar Sangam issued orders to apologize to Trisha without asking for any explanation from me. I will not agree to this. Also, I didn’t talk wrong about Trisha.. I talked about the scene in the movie ‘Leo’. But, he said, the media has distorted my words. He expressed confidence that I have the support of the Tamil audience. Currently these comments made by Mansoor are going viral on social media.

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