Saidharam is Thinking of As Equel To ‘Chitralahari’

After recovering from the accident, Saidharam Tej starred in two films ‘Virupaksha, Bro’ which achieved good success. Of these, ‘Virupaksha’ was a bumper hit. ‘Bro’ with uncle Pawan Kalyan also became a memorable movie for Tej. After these films, Saidharam announced ‘Ganja Shankar’ directed by Sampath Nandi. Along with the announcement of this movie, a special teaser was also released.

However.. there was a campaign that ‘Ganja Shankar’ was stopped in view of the hugely increased budget calculations. In addition to that, the latest news is that the Narcotics Bureau has received a notice to change the title of this movie. There is no update about ‘Ganja Shankar’ produced by Sitara Entertainments for a few days. Keeping this movie aside for a while.. Saidharam Tej is preparing for the sequel of his hit movie ‘Chitralahari’.

‘Chitralahari’ released in 2019 was a good movie. It can be said that this movie is a good comeback for the Supreme Hero, who has already faced a series of flops. The way the writer-cum-director Kishore Tirumala told this story.. Mythri movie makers’ production values.. Devisreeprasad’s music are a great plus for ‘Chitralahari’. Director Kishore Tirumala is currently preparing the story for ‘Chitralahari 2’. This sequel will be produced by Mythri Movie Makers.It seems that the official announcement of ‘Chitralahari 2’ will come soon

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