‘Indian 2, Game changer’ within a gap of three months

The upcoming films directed by director Shankar are ‘Indian 2, Game Changer‘. In the past, Shankar used to start another film after the completion of one film. But now two films have to be completed simultaneously. First ‘Indian 2‘ started with Kamal Haasan. But ‘Indian 2’ was stopped due to some unavoidable reasons, so Shankar started ‘Game Changer‘ with Ram Charan in the middle.

Now about two films are being completed. The talkie part of ‘Indian 2‘ has already been completed and is in the post-production stage. On the other hand, ‘Game Changer‘ is going to complete the entire shooting in a few days. In this context.. Shankar is planning to bring these two films this year.. within a gap of only three months.

Kamal Haasan’s most awaited ‘Indian 2’ is gearing up for a summer release in May. Produced by Lyca Productions with a huge budget, this movie is being released in Telugu in Andhra and Nizam areas by Suresh and Asian companies. Meanwhile, Star Producer Dil Raju is preparing to release ‘Game Changer’ on September 27.But… will Pawan, who is currently busy with politics, complete ‘OG‘ by that time? Or? Doubt. That’s why.. they want to take that date as a ‘Game Changer‘.

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