Mythri Movie Makers Top Production Company In Nizam

Mythri Movie Makers has become a top production company within two to three years of entering the production industry. They felt unstoppable in the field of production by doing films with top protagonists consecutively. With ‘Pushpa’ they also showed their ability at pan India level. Besides this year’s Sankranti festival, they produced films like ‘Waltair Veeraiya’ with Chiranjeevi and ‘Veerasimha Reddy’ with Balakrishna.

Now in the same momentum, Prabhas is releasing the most awaited ‘Salaar’ in Nizam. The rights of ‘Salaar’ Nizam have been acquired for Rs. 90 crores. Of this, Rs.65 crore is non-refundable advance basis, while Rs.25 crore is refundable. Along with ‘Salaar’, the latest ‘Hanuman’ movie Nizam’s rights have also been acquired by Mythri Movies . In the past, when Nizam was mentioned, Dil Raju and Asian institutions were remembered first. Now Mythri is also standing in the front line as Nizam.

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