Another director from Sukumar compound

In the film industry which claims to be a hero dominating industry, the craze of some directors is different. Those directors are giving rewards to the heroes. They are acquiring the image of heroes. One such creative genius is Sukumar. Sukkoo, who has been in the film industry for almost two decades, is not only growing himself, but also training his disciples as directors.More than half a dozen directors in present Tollywood.. It is a privilege to come from Sukumar’s compound.

One of the first directors to come out of Sukumar’s compound is Surya Pratap. ‘Kumari 21F’ directed by Surya Pratap under the banner of Sukumar Writings was a sensational success. After that Surya Pratap directed the movie ’18 Pages’ with Nikhil and Anupama taking a gap. This film is also produced by Sukumar and Geetha Arts 2 company. And.. Buchibabu got the honor of collecting hundred crores with his first film among Sukumar’s disciples.

The movie ‘Uppena’, which was released as a short film and achieved great success, brought overnight stardom in the industry to Vaishnav Tej as the hero and Kriti Shetty as the heroine. After the success of ‘Uppena’, Buchi Babu is now doing a film with global star Ram Charan. And.. Munna is the director of ‘How to love in 30 days’ in Sukku Assistants. ‘How to Love in 30 Days’ starring anchor Pradeep became a good musical hit.Hari Prasad Jakka, the director of the movie ‘Play Back’ is also a disciple of Sukumar.

Srikanth Odela, who made his directorial debut with natural star Nani’s ‘Dasara’ movie, is also a disciple of Srikanth. After ‘Dasara’ became a super hit, Srikanth Odela is doing a movie with me again. And.. Karthik Dandu, who gave Saidharam Tej a big hit with ‘Virupaksha’, also achieved good success as a director from Sukumar Writings.

Suhas’s latest film ‘Prasannavadanam’ is another disciple of Sukumar, Arjun Y.K. He is introducing himself as a director. Arjun was traveling from the film ‘Jagadam’ with Sukumar. Guru Sukumar himself said that this young director has good writing talent. And.. we have to see what kind of success Arjun will achieve with ‘Prasannavadanam’ which is releasing on May 3.

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