SKN rocked in ‘Akhanda’ look

SKN, who started his career as a journalist and turned producer with Geetha Arts, got a cult blockbuster with ‘Baby’. The movie ‘Baby’ established SKN as a top producer. Currently, his line-up of films is huge. Leaving aside the films produced by SKN for a while.. SKN speeches also have a separate fan following. SKN’s speeches go viral in the form of memes.

SKN’s speech was highlighted in the latest ‘Gaami’ pre-release event. Not only with his speech in this event.. His grooming and dressing styles have also become a hot topic in film circles. Balayya style in ‘Akhanda’.. SKN wearing a scarf around his neck, wearing a Rudraksha mala, tied ropes on both hands and wearing a Vibhudhi bhottu attended the ‘Gaami’ event.
If we have to talk about SKN’s speech in this event.. ‘They are making movies like Interstellar in Hollywood, but we are making them in the cellar at home. Then came the movie ‘Gaami’. Movies like this are rare. Anchorage should be done on arrival. Vishwak is really great to give 5 years time for a movie in these days when people think it is difficult if a movie is delayed by 6 months. The visuals are amazing. Our devotion and tradition are also shown in this.This movie should be a big hit’ SKN wished to the film crew.

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