Rajasekhar In Nithin Movie

Rajasekhar is one of the few people in the Telugu film industry who has been a hero for decades.
Once upon a time even the silver screen was swayed by his rage. His performance made many heroes sleepless and dream of doing similar roles. Even if it is a nickname for rage.. even if it shows its mark in connecting sentiment.. it belongs to Rajasekhar.

Even though he has been in the industry for forty years, Rajasekhar is still fixated on hero roles. That has become a minus for this angry man’s career. It is enough if he wants to become a character artist.. Many directors are ready to give new roles. Earlier, Rajasekhar was considered for the role of Arvind Swamy in Ram Charan’s movie Dhruva. But.. Rajasekhar did not agree to do that role. On the other hand, trying to be a hero does not work.

Rajasekhar has taken a good decision now .Nithin is going to be seen in an important role in ‘Extra Ordinary Man’. It seems that the related shoot is also going to start. This movie is directed by Vakkantham Vamsi. Apart from Nithin’s movie, Angry Man has given the green signal for character roles in two or three other movies.

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