‘MATA’ at the forefront of social programs

The service programs will be held from February 17 to March 10 under the auspices of Mana America Telugu Association (MATA). As a part of this program, the Eye Cataract Operations Camp which is being held at Vijayabhaskara Reddy Stadium, Hyderabad Kotla has ended today. Srinivas Ganagoni, president of ‘Mata’, revealed many details about his association in the closing ceremony. He said that Mana America Telugu Association… has 22 branches with around 5000 people and organizes many service programs.

Suma Kanakala, president of Festivals for Joy, said in the same program. He said that thanks to the cooperation of so many people with such humanity, more than 2000 people were able to undergo eye screening tests today.

Rajeev Kanakala, who participated in this program, made an interesting comment that ‘in the past, if anyone called him Suma’s husband, he would have been angry. But now he is very proud of being Suma’s husband and says that he is very proud of doing such good works.

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