‘Indian 2’ coming on June 13?

The movie ‘Indian 2’ is being made by the combination of the universal actor Kamal Haasan and the director Shankar. The film is coming as a sequel to the all-time classic ‘Indian’. Released in 1996, the Telugu translation of ‘Indian’ is ‘Bharatheeyudu’. ‘Bharatheeyudu’ was a success compared to the Tamil original. That’s why.. now ‘Indian 2’ is being released in Telugu as ‘Bharatheeyudu 2’.
So far announced that the shooting of ‘Bharatheeyudu 2’ will be released in June.

However, no clarification has been given on the release date. According to the latest Kollywood talk ‘Bharatheeyudu 2’ is all set to release on June 13. By then, the election rush is over, and the team is hoping that it will be all the way to ‘Bharatheeyudu 2’. Kajal will be seen opposite Kamal Haasan in this movie. Siddharth and Rakul Preet Singh in other lead roles.Shankar ditched his regular music director Rahman and roped in Anirudh for the film. Overall.. We have to see how Kamal-Shankar will once again tackle corruption with the sequel of ‘Bharatheeyudu’.

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