Hollywood Directorial Stalwarts At SSMB29 Launch

Steven Spielberg and James Cameron are the first directors who are known as Hollywood Legends. These legendary directors who have been ruling Hollywood for decades have made many sensational films. New worlds were unveiled on the silver screen. He is the inspiration for many directors worldwide. One of the director is Rajamouli. With the inspiration of the films made by these directors in Hollywood, Rajamouli also lays a big emphasis on grandeur in his films.Both Spielberg and James Cameron praised Rajamouli’s film ‘RRR’ on separate occasions.

Rajamouli is going to direct Mahesh Babu’s film in a way similar to the Indiana Jones series created by Spielberg. Jakkanna has a habit of narrating the entire story publicly before starting his films. Now he is going to do the same with SSMB29. Preparations are being made to explain the story of this film on the day of the film’s launch.Keeping the story aside, Rajamouli is planning to organize the opening of Mahesh Babu’s film on a grand scale. He is planning to invite Spielberg and James Cameron as chief guests for the opening ceremony. Hollywood veteran superstar Arnold came for Shankar’s earlier film ‘I’. At that time it became a sensation.

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