Sukumar’s heir has arrived

Succession is very common in film industry. Almost all the star heroes in the Telugu industry are heirs. Sukumar also joined those who encouraged their descendants to enter the same field with their passion for the film industry. Sukumar, who is showing his potential as a top director in Telugu, is now encouraging his daughter Sukriti Veni in the field of acting.

Sukriti Veni is the daughter of Sukumar and Tabitha. Sukriti, who is currently studying in class 8, recently received an award as the best debut child actor at the Dadasaheb Film Festival. She won this award for her performance in the film ‘Gandhi Tatha Chettu’. Mythri Movie Makers, Sukumar Writings and Gopi Talkies have jointly produced the children’s movie ‘Gandhi Tatha Chettu’. Padmavathi Malladi directed this film with the main theme of environmental protection.

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