Rajamouli strong counter to Anil Ravipudi

Rajamouli is the first in the list of directors who have not failed in Telugu. But.. the other is Anil Ravipudi. An interesting incident happened between these directors who have never failed since their first film. The pre-release event of Satyadev’s ‘Krishnamma’ presented by Koratala Siva was held. Star directors Rajamouli and Anil Ravipudi participated as chief guests in this ceremony along with Koratala Siva as a producer.

Anil Ravipudi asked in this event about the updates of Kortala Siva’s ‘Devara’ and Rajamouli’s Mahesh Babu movie.

He asked Rajamouli when Mahesh Babu movie opening will be. When Koratala Siva once again told about the release date of ‘Devara’, Jakkanna did not mention Mahesh’s movie updates.. He gave a strong counter to Anil Ravipudi. Walking behind Anil Ravipudi holding a camera, he punched in his own style saying that he would give 10 thousand if someone closes and punches him.

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