Will There Be A Delay In The Release Of ‘Kalki’?

Summer is the season that Tollywood prominently focuses on after Sankranthi. The film ‘Devara’ which was originally slated for a berth earlier this summer. This period action movie starring NTR in the background of sea has left the summer ring. The film is being prepared for release on October 10 as a gift for Dussehra. With ‘Devara’ dropping out of the summer race.. ‘Kalki’ is the only film that looks like a beacon of hope for Tollywood this year.

After the sensational hit like ‘Salaar’, Prabhas’ next movie is ‘Kalki’. Vyjayanthi company will produce this film with a huge budget to reflect their 50-year film journey. ‘Kalki’ is being made under the direction of Nag Ashwin with a pan world concept. So far so good. But… is this high budget movie with a huge cast like Prabhas, Amitabh, Kamal, Deepika, Disha Pathani coming on time? Or? That is the question that is bothering everyone.

The film ‘Kalki’ is not one part.. There is a rumor that it will be made in two or three parts. There is no official announcement from the film team yet. Also.. is the entire shooting of this movie complete? Or else.. Clarity needs to come on how much is pending. Especially.. in the case of such futuristic movies, one has to spend years on post-production work. And.. Will the post-production work of ‘Kalki’ be completed in these two months? It is doubtful.

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