‘Jithender Reddy’ trailer.. Intense political thriller

The movie ‘Jithender Reddy’ starring Rakesh Varre of ‘Baahubali’ fame in the lead role. ‘History Needs to be Told’ is the tag line of this movie’. The film is a political drama based on the true events of the 1980s. Directed by Virinchi Varma of ‘Uyyala Jampala, Majnu’ fame, the film is produced by Muduganti Ravinder Reddy under Muduganti Creations. Rhea Suman, Chatrapathy Shekhar, Subbaraju and Ravi Prakash are going to be seen in other important roles.

The team has released the trailer of the movie ‘Jithender Reddy’ which is slated for release on May 10. The trailer of ‘Jithender Reddy’ is impressive with features such as politics, Naxalism, then Chief Minister NTR’s participation in 1980 Jagityala region. Dialogues like ‘This country has not given us.. what we have given to the country’ are impressive. Music by Gopisunder, V. S. Gnana Shekhar’s cinematography will be a plus for ‘Jithender Reddy’ technically.

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