Pushpa 2′ Festival Commotion.. Like A Small Size Movie!

Directors like Rajamouli and Sukumar do the hard work of five films , even if they work only for one film. For each sequence, it feels like a small size movie has been made. That’s why some scenes in their movies are evergreen. Be it the interval sequences in ‘Baahubali 1, 2’.. be it the climax scenes.. be it the crucial scenes in ‘R.R.R.’

Now, following Rajamouli’s path, Sukumar is also working hard for ‘Pushpa 2’ to create the crucial fair sequence in the film. Sukumar has spent more than a medium budget for the scenes in the background of the fair, the fights, the song.. for that sequence. And.. the rush of the bunny in the fair sequence is not normal.Scenes like Allu Arjun stepping in a saree in the role of Pushpa, crushing the villains stylishly, are going to blow whistles in the theatres.

Also Bunny worked very hard for the song coming in this sequence. At one stage he suffered from back pain. It was also rumored that the choreographer who worked on this song, Ganesh Master, expressed extreme intolerance towards Sukumar. Ganesh master also took the burden for this one song which is equal to five songs . However.. they forgot all that after seeing the amazing output. In total, the fair scenes which will be the central attraction of ‘Pushpa 2’ will be heavily advertised for two or three months.And.. let’s see how this sequence shines in theaters.

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