Anasuya is one hell of an actress and there is no denying the fact. But she has a knack for hurting people in the wrong most of the time. Her tweets target many and her latest tweets have irked the fans of Vijay Devarakonda.

Her new tweet triggered fresh controversy. “Ippude okati chusanu.. “The” na?? Babooooiii!!! Paityam.. enchestam.. antakunda chuskundam” posted Anasuya yesterday. Vijay Deverakonda fans could not control their anger and they took to Twitter to abuse her.

She did not shy away and posted one more tweet which was even more hardcore “I don’t know what’s stopping all these Stars to take a stand on any wrongdoing in the name of their fans.. With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility .. in my given Power I am being Responsible.. fans/following potundana?? Alanti following lekuntene better kadandi.

Anasuya directly asked the stars to respond and condemn the trolls that were sent against her. If stars cannot stop their fans there is no use of those stars says Anasuya in her tweet.

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