Twenty years of Sukumar’s film career

Every director has a style. Not everyone will like it. But.. there are some directors.. whatever they do, the audience likes it. Reason.. novelty. Not only thinking new..presenting something new brings many fans to those directors. Among such directors, Sukumar is definitely in the first row from Telugu.

Today (May 7) it is twenty years since this master of calculations, who seemed to be a creative genius even with the best directors, made his debut in cinema.

May 7, 2004.. the day of the release of the movie ‘Arya’. The film ‘Arya’ showed us the fun of One Sided Love when we all know about the serious hero of One Sided Love. In a way, ‘Arya’ is a trend setter in love stories. Showing Bunny in a different character which no one has touched till then.. Sukumar has done magic with his screenplay throughout the movie. He made the characters of Arya and Geeta in this movie memorable in the minds of the audience forever.

A special mention should be made about the songs rendered by Devi Sri Prasad for the movie ‘Arya’. Every song in this movie is a hit. Background music is another highlight. Sukumar and Devi Sriprasad’s bond that started with ‘Arya’ is still going on. From a Film ‘Aarya’ Sukumar contributed to do many films with Cinematographer Ratnavelu after that. ‘Arya’ was the film that gave Dil Raju assurance as a producer in the early days.

The movie ‘Arya’ is not only in Telugu, but also in the Malayalam version, it has impressed the audience tremendously. Allu Arjun was owned by the Malayali audience as Mallu Arjun with this movie. The movie ‘Arya’ has been dubbed in Hindi as ‘Arya Ki Prem Pratigya’. It was remade in Tamil with the title ‘Kutty’ starring Dhanush as the hero. Also.. this film has been entertained in the form of remake in many languages. Sukumar directed ‘Arya 2’ as a sequel to ‘Arya’.

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