‘Maayaone’ as sequel to Sandeep Kishan’s ‘Project Z

Young hero Sandeep Kishan always tries to entertain the audience with varied films regardless of success. Today (May 7) is the birthday of Sandeep Kishan who had a great success with ‘Ooru Peru Bhairava Kona’ this year. On this occasion, he announced the sequel of his hit movie ‘Maayaone’.

The title of the sequel is ‘Maayaone’. The movie ‘Maayaone’ came out in 2017 as a science fiction thriller. Directed by CV Kumar, this movie has been translated into Telugu as ‘Project Z’.

On the other hand.. Sandeep Kishan is the hero of ‘Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya’ director Swaroop R.S.J. He is making a movie called ‘Vibe’. Sandeep Kishan is doing his 30th film under the direction of Trinatha Rao of ‘Dhamaka’ fame. Also.. Dhanush is going to be seen in a key role in the movie ‘Rayan’ directed by Dhanush.

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