Manchu Manoj Enters The World Of ‘Mirai’

Teja Sajja, who became a new star with the movie ‘Hanuman’, is playing the hero in the movie ‘Mirai’. The film is being produced under the direction of Karthik Ghattamaneni under the production of People Media Factory. It is rumored that Manchu Manoj will play the villain in this movie, which is based on the Ashoka period. The latest news has been officially announced by the film crew.

The team has released the official poster saying Manchu Manoj is acting in this movie called ‘A Mighty Force from the World of Mirai’. However.. Glimpses related to his character are going to be released on May 20 as Manoj’s birthday special on a grand level. Ritika Nair will act opposite Teja Sajja in the movie ‘Mirai’. 2025, ‘Mirai’ is slated for release on April 18.

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