Thaman headed towards DSP’s route?

Devi Sri Prasad used to be the leading music director of Tollywood at one point in his career. However, he is now doing only a few films here and there, due to a lot of reasons. While some say that this is because his tunes are getting old, some say that it is because of his attitude problems. Whatever the reason may be, one thing is for sure his music is not the same as it used to be.

It now looks as though Thaman is going through a similar situation. His recent albums have not turned out to be even mediocre hits, and his background music is also not being appreciated as much. His latest film, Skanda, from which two songs have already been released, is also facing a similar situation, where the songs have not received much appreciation.

While they are just two songs so far, and it might be too early to come to a conclusion, judging by the quality of his songs and music in his recent films, and some ongoing tiffs, it looks as though Thaman is following DSP’s route. Here’s hoping that these two ace musicians soon get back to form.

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