Even successful films are disasters, here’s how

For a number of reasons, the success of a film is not completely dependant on how well the film is received by the audiences. The main reason for this is that the budget for films has increased heavily, which encompasses a lot of things like actors’ remunerations, huge visual effects, and even promotional costs. All of these things make a film not very successful in the end, from a commercial perspective. As such, even a critically successful film, which ahs been received well by the audiences, turns out to be a financial disaster, if the budget of the film is way too much.

The best example of such a disaster happens to be Brahmastra, which was received well by the audiences, and even collected a good amount at the box office, but has nevertheless turned out to be a disaster because its budget was really high.

On the other hand, we have films that turn out to be disasters in every way possible. They do not manage to get the audiences interested, and turn out to be a financial and even critical disaster as well. The best examples of that are Radhe Shyam and Adipurush, with the latter turning out to be a huge disaster even though it managed to bring in hundreds of crores at the worldwide box office, because of its distortion of the Hindu epic The Ramayana.

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