Pawan Kalyan is a top actor in the Telugu film industry, and fans worship him as a God. His recent films turned out to be good hits, even if they were remakes, with audiences eager to watch their favorite actor on the big screen. The makers of Pawan’s latest film, BRO, thought that this would hold true for the film, but that’s where they made a huge mistake.

BRO crashed at the box office on the release day itself, in a sense, with the film receiving mixed to negative reviews from everywhere. Following that, the box office collections of the film dropped drastically, with the Monday collections of the film being very bad.

On the other hand, the movie Baby, which was released over two weeks ago, got better collections than BRO on Monday, which is truly shameful for someone like Pawan Kalyan. This shows that the audiences are more interested in watching a film with content than watching a top actor do something that is not worth their while. It truly is time for Pawan to rethink his choices.

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