Shankar’s strategy.. three films in a year

Shankar is one of South India’s most talented directors. In his career span of 30 years, Shankar released a total of 13 films. That is, he released one film every two years and two and a half years. However, from this April, this great director is trying to present three films to the audience in the coming year.

Currently Shankar’s kitty has films like ‘Indian 2’ and ‘Game Changer’. However.. as a bonus to ‘Indian 2’, ‘Indian 3’ is also getting ready. As part of the expansion of the story, Shankar is going to bring ‘Indian 2’ in two parts. Along with the shooting of ‘Indian 2’, most of the shooting of ‘Indian 3’ has been completed. If they shoot for another month, the shooting of ‘Indian 3’ will also be completed.

On the other hand Shankar’s ‘Game Changer’ with Ram Charan will complete the entire shooting till this March. After that, after completing the post-production work, he is planning to release it in September. Overall.. Shankar is working to release three pan India movies like ‘Indian 2, Game Changer, Indian 3’ within a year.

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