Opinion: Bholaa Shankar, a tight slap for remake culture

Bholaa Shankar is a remake of the Tamil film Vedhalam, which was released in 2015 and featured Ajith in the lead role. The movie was an out-and-out mass pot boiler, which turned out to be a good success at the box office. Six years later, director Mehere Ramesh decided to remake the film with Megastar Chiranjeevi as Bholaa Shankar, which was released today.

Bholaa did not have a lot of buzz surrounding it since the very beginning, as Vedhalam is a very popular movie, and even though it is not available on any OTT platform, the story of the film is widely known to audiences, and for those who do not know, it is readily available on the internet.

Considering that, many said that it was a wrong decision on the part of Chiru to do another remake, especiallyy after Godfather, which turned out to be underwhelming. Despite that, the actor decided to do the movie and even went on to defend his choice by saying that nothing’s wrong in doing remakes at the pre-release event of the film.

Now, upon release, Bholaa Shankar has turned out to be a massive disaster, and not many people were interested in watching the film to begin with. This hopefully is a tight slap for all those who still want to do remakes in this OTT culture.

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