Bholaa Shankar to become another BRO?

The expectations for Pawan Kalyan’s BRO, which was released a few weeks earlier, were not really high, and only fans ended up watching the movie in the end. The movie didn’t cater to all audiences, and it looks as though the same is happening with Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Bholaa Shankar now, which was released today.

Bholaa Shankar has not been receiving great reviews and seems to be getting a worse verdict than that of BRO. At least BRO got mixed reviews, whereas Bholaa Shankar is getting bad reviews. Even audiences don’t seem to be liking Bholaa Shankar a lot.

As such, it wouldn’t be too early to say that Bholaa Shankar would probably end up suffering the same fate as BRO, and maybe even worse, with the movie not expecting to get good collections at the box office. Moreover, there’s stiff competition from Rajnikanth’s Jailer, which was released just yesterday, and thus, Bholaa Shankar might sink even lower.

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