Hanuman Competing In Sankranthi Race

There is a good scope for three or four films in the Sankranti season. All the films have records of success in each case. But in the upcoming Sankranti , there are half a dozen films in competition from Telugu alone. They are Mahesh Babu ‘Guntur Karam’, Venkatesh, ‘Saindhav’, Nagarjuna, ‘Na Sami Ranga’, Ravi Teja ,’Eagle’, Vijay Devarakonda, ‘Family Star’,. These are all crazy movies. ‘Hanuman’ Movie also targeted for this Sankranthi .

Prashant Varma got a good name as a director with the movies ‘A!,Zombie Reddy’. As a writer and creator, he comes up with new ideas. This time ‘Hanuman’ is the film made by this young director targeting pan India. ‘Hanuman’ starring Teja Sajja got everyone’s attention with the teaser. The trailer of this movie is going to be released soon.

But the makers have announced that ‘Hanuman’ is coming before the release of other films during Sankranti. The latest poster of ‘Hanuman’ will be released on January 12, reminding the same thing once again.

Not only in Indian languages, the world wide is getting ready for the grand release of ‘Hanuman’ in other languages ​​as well. And.. it remains to be seen what kind of success ‘Hanuman’, which is being released as a small film between big films for Sankranti, will achieve.

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