Geetha Arts Special Birthday Gift for Sri Vishnu

Geetha Arts is one of the prestigious production houses in Tollywood. Many heroes dream of acting in Geetha Arts, which has been in existence for more than 50 years. Now that opportunity came to the young hero Sri Vishnu. Today (February 29) on the occasion of Sri Vishnu’s birthday… Geetha Arts announced a movie with Sri Vishnu. The working title of the film is SV18, which will be Sree Vishnu’s 18th film. Kalya Films is going to produce this film in association with Geetha Arts.Allu Aravind, Vidya Koppineedi, Bhanu Pratapa and Riaz Chaudhary are producing this movie. This movie is directed by Karthik Raju. Soon.. other casting and crew details related to this movie will be known.

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