Chiru highlighting the problem of veteran actors

Megastar Chiranjeevi is a huge name in the Telugu movie industry, who has been working for more than three. He is looked up to, by everyone in the industry, and he continues to be very active in the industry, by doing continuous films.

Chiranjeevi is currently going through a weird phase in his career, however, given that he has been seen doing some really stagnant films in the recent past, like Acharya, Godfather, and now, Bholaa Shankar. Acharya was a dud at the box office, while Godfather and Bholaa Shankar are remakes, which haven’t been able to generate enough buzz.

Bholaa Shankar doesn’t have a lot of buzz because it’s a remake, and people are not interested in remakes. This shows how the veterans are failing to find the right script for themselves, and are struggling to make an impact.

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