’90’s’ Director receiving crazy offers

Only one film is enough for that director’s fate to change. If they give a single win.. opportunities immediately queue up for them. Director Aditya Haasan became a hot topic in the industry overnight with the web series ’90’s- A Middle Class Biopic’. This young director, who was not known before, suddenly came into the lime light after this series. Now he is getting back to back offers.

Aditya Haasan has already received two crazy offers. One of them is a film starring Nithin as the hero, while the other is a film produced by Sithara Entertainments. Aditya Haasan is going to make a film with Nithin as the hero under his own production company Shrestha Movies banner. The pre-production work for this film has already started.

On the other hand, Aditya Haasan has signed an agreement to make a film in Sithara Entertainments, which is now one of the biggest production houses in Tollywood with a series of projects. This young director is going to make a movie in Sithara’s company only after the completion of Nithin’s movie.

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