What is the reason for Thaman’s departure from ‘Tillu Square’?

‘Tillu Square’ is going to be a sequel to star boy Sidhu Jonnalagadda’s super hit movie ‘DJ Tillu’. Anupama Parameswaran acted as Siddhu’s pair in this movie. And.. the songs in the movie ‘DJ Tillu’ created such a sensation that the BGM of the movie too .Musical sensation Thaman has composed background music for the movie ‘DJ Tillu’.

‘Tillu Square’ is coming from Sithara Entertainments, which produced the film ‘DJ Tillu’. Thaman is to provide background music for this sequel as well. However.. Thaman was busy with other projects so he dropped out of this movie. Producer Nagavanshi said the same during the latest release of ‘O My Lily’ song from ‘Tillu Square’.

Thaman can be said to be the court music director for Haarika and Hassini and Sithara. ‘NBK’ coming from Sithara He is giving music to 109′. On the other hand, megapower star Ram Charan is in the ‘Game Changer’ Thaman kitty. Also..Thaman is also composing music for Siddu Jonnalagadda’s another movie ‘Telusu Kada’.

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