‘Vikatakavi’ Has Completed Fifty Percent Shooting

Naresh Agastya and Megha Akash are acting in the lead roles of the series ‘Vikatakavi’. Ram Talluri is producing this series under the banner of SRT Entertainments. Directed by Pradeep Maddali. It is remarkable that this is the first detective web series being made with the backdrop of Telangana.
After the merger of Hyderabad, a curse has been haunting the village ‘Amaragiri’ in Nallamala region for 30 years. Detective Ramakrishna goes to such a village of Amaragiri. Apart from that he uncovers the ancient stories of the village and the secrets behind the modern conspiracies. During the construction of Srisailam project some truths will disappear due to rising water level. The details of that remain a mystery.Detective Ramakrishna fights against time to capture it. What are the challenges he faces in this journey? ‘Vikatakavi’ series is being made with the theme. Ajay Arasada is providing the music for this series while Shoaib Siddiqui is providing the cinematography. Currently 50 percent shooting of this series is getting ready for streaming on ZEE 5 platform.

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