Vijay Deverakonda Meets The Real ‘Family Star’

The movie ‘Family Star’, made with the concept that everyone who supports his family is a family star, is being shown in theaters successfully. Like the concept of this movie, the ‘Family Star’ team is going to the family stars in real life and making a surprise visit. In a meeting with producer Dil Raju with Memers, Prashanth explained that how his disabled sister named Swaroopa stood by his family. He said that the family star in their family is his sister Swaroopa.Hearing his words, producer Dil Raju said that he will come to your house.

As mentioned, hero Vijay Devarakonda, producer Dil Raju and director Parasuram went to the Prasanth sister’s house in Suraram, Hyderabad. She is surprised by the arrival of Vijay and Dil Raju at their house. Dil Raju and Vijay Devarakonda talked to the family for a while. The family members told producer Dil Raju and hero Vijay Devarakonda that they enjoyed the movie Family Star with their family, the scenes between Vijay and Bamma made them laugh, and they related well with the characters and emotions in Family Star.Similarly, the Family Star Team will pay a surprise visit to the Real Family Stars in two Telugu states soon.

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