Varma’s original ‘Vyuham’ is coming in OTT

Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma is sensational whatever he does. However.. these are not all the controversies for ‘Vyuham, Saphatham’ in recent films made by Varma. Somehow the first part of this series ‘Vyuham’ has crossed all the hurdles of the Censor Board and hit the theatres. But.. the audience did not like this movie at all. And.. there is a possibility of some delay in the release of the second part ‘Saphatham’.

Along with the films ‘Vyuham, Sapatham’, Ram Gopal Varma has simultaneously directed two web series ‘Sapatham Arambam Chapter 1, Sapatham Antham Chapter 2’ with the same plot.

In these web series, you can watch ‘Sapatham Antham’ today (March 7) at 8 pm.. Varma announced ‘Sapatham..Antham ‘ tomorrow (March 8) at 8 pm on AP Fibernet in Andhra Pradesh on Pay Per View through OTT App..Ram Gopal Varma says that the real reason for making two web series ‘Sapatham Antham Chapter 1 and Sapatham Antham Chapter 2’ is to show the raw truth to everyone without hiding anything.

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