The ‘Dasara’ combo is repeated again.

The film ‘Dasara’ is a special place in Nani’s career. This is a local mass entertainer from Natural Star. Throughout this movie, Nani is rocking the role of Dharani in a rugged look with a bushy beard and a lungi. Nani is credited with introducing Sukumar’s disciple Srikanth Odela as a director with this movie. With the film ‘Dasara’, Srikanth Odela seemed like a disciple worthy of his teacher. Srikanth Odela got the 100 crore mark with his first movie.

The makers have announced that the latest ‘Dasara’ combo is being repeated again. Along with hero Nani and director Srikanth Odela.. the production company S.L.V. Cinemas are also working together again. This new project was announced on the occasion of the one year anniversary of the release of the movie ‘Dasara’. This is Nani’s 33rd film. As far as the content is concerned, it is clear from the announcement poster that this new movie is going to be beyond ‘Dasara’.The English quotation on this poster is impressive saying ‘You don’t need recognition to be a leader’.

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