Talk: Prathinidhi 2 vs Yatra 2

Propaganda films seem to be on the rise ahead of the election season, with the YSRCP teaming up with RGV and director Mahi V Raghav for Yatra 2 and another film. The same was the case with the previous election season as well when Yatra was released.

Now, it looks like the TDP is also coming up with a propaganda film, or so it seems, with Nara Rohit’s Pratinidhi 2, the first look of which was released yesterday. The film’s first look instantly generated a huge buzz among audiences, and now, several speculations about the film are going around.

While there’s no clarity over how true this is, it is being said that Pratinidhi 2 is a propaganda film for the TDP, and that it is going to talk about the pros of the TDP regime and highlight the cons of the YSRCP regime at the same time.

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