Rajamouli’s curse: True or false?

Director SS Rajamouli is probably the biggest name in Indian cinema currently, having not made a single unsuccessful film so far, and for having gained the name of making the most coveted Oscar award possible for Indian cinema through RRR.

Every actor that Rajamouli has worked with has scaled great heights after the kind of success the director’s film brings them but has also scaled serious lows after the release of their next films. It has come to be known as the after-effects of working with Rajamouli, which Prabhas is currently facing. He scaled new heights with the Baahubali franchise and has tasted three consecutive failures after that.

Ram Charan faced a huge disaster like Acharya after RRR, and it is now to be seen how his film with director Shankar will turn out to be like. On the other hand, NTR is working with Koratala Siva for Devara, and there are good expectations on the film. With the release of Devara next year, it is to be seen whether Rajamouli’s curse is true or false.

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