MAD Maddening Response from youth

Youthful college stories are always popular and most of the movie lovers are young people so college stories have different craze in all seasons . Youth identify themselves in movies made with college life, love stories, fights and fun elements. But no matter how many youth full concept based movies come out, the percentage of success in them is very less.

‘Happy Days’ is one of the most popular movies in college backdrop. Now, the response to the ‘Mad’ movie presented to the audience with such content is not usual. The movie ‘Mad’, which got positive talk from the premieres, is receiving the compliments of ‘The Best’ among the films released this week.

‘Mad’, based on the college life and love stories of three boys and three girls, will be a hit at the Tollywood box office. As far as the actors are concerned, NTR’s brother-in-law Narne Nithin was introduced as a hero with this film. Also, this is the debut film of late Shobhan’s son Sangeet Shobhan, younger brother Santhosh Shobhan. Ram Nithin played another important role. The title ‘Mad’ was fixed for this film with the names of Manoj, Ashok and Damodar who played three lead male roles with this named in this movie .

Along with the lead male actors, the lead female actors Srigauripriya Reddy, Anantika and Gopika Udyan also suited their roles perfectly. Young director Kalyan Shankar succeeded in presenting the lives of three friends and their love stories in a complete entertaining way.

‘Mad’ movie produced by Sitara Entertainments which is the busiest production house in Tollywood producing movies consecutively. Harika Suryadevara was introduced as a producer with this movie. Also Trivikram’s wife Sai Saujanya is also a production partner in this film on behalf of Fortune Four Cinemas. Overall.. It is remarkable that ‘Mad’ which came in the midst of tough chanting this week got a good response.

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