It’s a tough choice for Sree Leela

Sree Leela is an actress that has made a name for herself within a very short span, in the Telugu film industry and has amassed a massive fan base for herself as well, with her acting and dancing skills. She is currently the busiest heroine in Telugu and is juggling between at least half a dozen movies. She is the leading lady in all of these movies and has been approached for several other movies as well, as per latest reports.

On the other hand, it is now being said that the actress has been approached for a special song in Allu Arjun’s Pushpa 2, which is currently in its shooting stages. Considering that Sree Leela is a terrific dancer, it would be a treat to watch her and Allu Arjun dancing together on the big screen.

However, since Sree Leela is currently focused on doing lead roles, it is being said that she may not accept this offer, as it might turn out to be a wrong choice at this point in her career. Thus, it is to be seen what choice Sree Leela will utlimately make.

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