Chiranjeevi: Stuck in time, or just careless?

Chiranjeevi is an actor who earned the tag of being a Megastar with the sheer hard work and dedication he showed throughout his movies, during the peak of his career. All of that hard work and dedication put him where he is today, with the kind of following and respect that he now has.

He has been seen in six movies so far, following his return to films in 2017, with Khaidi No. 150. The film he chose for his much-hyped re-entry was a remake film, and despite that, audiences watched and enjoyed the movie because it was a long time since they saw Chiru on the big screen.

It seems as though that’s how Chiranjeevi continues to perceive the audience right now, thinking that they would watch him in any movie. Otherwise, he seems to be stuck in the late nineties and early 2000s, where mass movies and remakes were all the rage. Times are now different, and unless the actor changes his career trajectory, it looks like it’s going to be a tough time for him.

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