The one and only director in that regard is Rajamouli!

What should a director be? What is his quest to unleash every scene on the silver screen? Coming to these things, we will understand when we came to know about director Rajamouli. When Rajamouli starts a film,he focuses day and night on that film. He takes any amount of time to get the output he wants. Most importantly.. he rehearses every scene himself.. and then explains it to the actors.

The scenes in Rajamouli’s movies will go down in history. And.. the more Jakanna works hard behind it.. the more amazing they grow. For example.. there is a scene in the interval sequence of ‘Baahubali 2’ where Mahishmati shows greatness. Before shooting the scene, Rajamouli rehearsed it with his crew. Now the video of that rehearsal is doing the rounds.

Not only movies.. Jakkan’s hobby is to do whatever he does in his life with the same dedication. Recently, the steps taken by Rajamouli with his wife Rama in a wedding ceremony shook the social media. The video of Rajamouli’s rehearsal for that dance has now been leaked.

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