PVR has stopped the shows of ‘Manjummel Boys’

‘Manjummel Boys’ has set a new record as the highest grossing film in Malayalam. Mythi Movie Distributors presented this movie to the Telugu audience with the same name. ‘Manjummel Boys’ has been getting good response in Telugu since the first day of its release. In the background of increasing number of theaters day by day.. PVR multiplex has stopped the screening of this movie.

Due to the dispute with the Malayalam producer of ‘Manjummel Boys’, PVR has announced that the Telugu version of the film has been stopped. Mythri Movies distributor Sashidhar Reddy expressed his anger on PVR Multiplex’s behavior. He asked how they would stop the Telugu version if there was a dispute with the Malayalam producer. Sashidhar Reddy said that it is unfair to stop the shows while they are making good collections.The PVR multiplex approach was brought to the notice of the Telugu Film Chamber. The Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce responded that an emergency meeting will be held this evening on the issue of PVR multiplex.

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