Rashmika’s look from ‘Pushpa 2’ leaked

The film ‘Pushpa’ brought national crush Rashmika good recognition at the national level. Rashmika’s performance as Srivalli in this movie is not to be mentioned. In the role of Srivalli in this movie, her attite and appearance were all brand new and remained forever in the minds of the audience. Now in ‘Pushpa’ sequel ‘Pushpa.. The Rule’ Srivalli’s role is going to be very prominent.

Creative genius Sukumar is completing ‘Pushpa 2’ with jet speed as the release date is near. He increased the speed of shooting with two and three units. Rashmika is shooting key scenes near the Yaganti temple near Nandyala in this case. National crush Rashmika, who is playing the role of Srivalli, looks gorgeous in a red saree with gold jewellery. In this regard, photos and videos are being made viral by fans.

Also.. Rashmika also shared the shooting of this movie in her Instagram stories. A movie was shot in this temple today. The legend of this temple site called Yaganti is truly amazing. She said that the people here, their love cannot be expressed in words. “Today has been a wonderful day,”.

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